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  1. newratings.com's mission is to provide you - the investor - with as many honest and professional opinions on your investments as possible.

  2. We believe it's much better to get a multitude of credible opinions on an investment than to arbitrarily follow any single advisor - be it your banker, a friend, or a TV pundit.

  3. Analysts covered by newratings.com are, for the most part, the only people out there thoroughly studying and evaluating the companies behind the stocks. In short, their opinions matter when you're making investment decisions.

  4. newratings.com does NOT provide advice. Our job is to accurately and objectively report on analysts' credible opinions. The only advice newratings.com will ever give you is to absorb as many different opinions as possible and make your own decisions!

  5. newratings.com favors covering analysts with proven track records, but will cover all analysts as long as their opinions are honest and professional. We give everyone a chance to get back on track.

  6. newratings.com is made for you - the individual investor. We are very interested in any of your brilliant ideas on how newratings.com could be improved and expanded. Please feel free to submit any of your questions, ideas and suggestions. We will respond to every single one of them.

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